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We are going to be updating this blog more often. In it you will hear stories of the chapter, tips for engaging students, information relevant to the region, and other information we think is important to share. Stay tuned!

YFCLV on the Move!

11/29/2021 in Category

YFC is on the move this Advent Season      


As we all can see, we are in a time of transition in our society. The need to reach students with the joy of the Good News is needed now more... More

50th Celebration

8/25/2021 in Category

Thank you to all who were able to come and celebrate with us YFC Lehigh Valley's 50th year. What a great time to meet and see faces from the past. We had past members of the Damascus Road... More

Service with a smile

5/28/2021 in Category

In April concluded our first major service project. We were blessed to have students from BASD come and work at our NEMS club location (the Salvation Army). They cleaned and painted the club... More

Renewal and preparation

4/30/2021 in Category

Quite a bit has been happening here at YFCLV. As we prepare for the end of this school year and wrapping up clubs, we are looking to prepare for next season. This has resulted in preparing... More

History of the Chapter

3/12/2021 in Category

Our Story: YFC Lehigh Valley

The story of our chapter goes back even before our paperwork was officially filed fifty years ago. The goal of this page is to tell the story of the men and... More